Pennsylvania Bridal & Wedding Expo

November 17, 2024

Sunday 1:00PM - 5:00PM

Lancaster County Convention Center

Lancaster, PA


I got home to bunches of email inquiries from brides.

"I easily spoke to over 300 brides and I know my minions spoke to just as many a (there were 3 of us). I am so excited because I had not even left the show and I had brides calling me to set up meetings."

- Torri Koppenaal, Black Raven Imagery, LLC.

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My email inbox is overflowing with new leads.

"The ACS Bridal Expo was a huge success for my team. We were exposed to thousands of newly engaged couples over a two day period and my email inbox is overflowing with new leads with wedding dates spanning the next three years. This is definitely the largest and most beneficial expo of the year."

- Dave Mondo, Mondo Entertainment

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Your show turned out to be the best investment I could have made!

"I am predicting I will do more business from this show alone than I did all of 2014!"

Rev. Brian Jude Piatkowski, All-Faith Wedding Minister

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Amazing show!

"Many bridal show promoters exaggerate the amount of brides they expect to come into a show.  However we were pleasantly surprised that the American Consumer Show did not exaggerate their numbers!"

Torri Koppenaal, D. Becker Photo

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Always have a good turn out.

"I've been with this expo for a few years now and must admit that they advertise this very well and always have a good turn out."

- Danny, Danny U Photography

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Opportunity to market and develop our business.

"As a start up, the bridal expo provided us with just the platform and opportunity to market and develop our business. We find them recommendable."

- Yao Ayeh, Ayehommes Clothiers

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Secured many valuable leads.

"I just wanted to share how pleased I was with the Bridal & Wedding Expo in New Jersey this weekend. The show was very well organized. I look forward to next year's show already."

- Jose Eberle, Weichert Realtors

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We spoke with over 100 engaged couples.

"Take Care Package had a great time at the 2017 New Jersey Bridal & Wedding Expo. We spoke with over 100 engaged couples and were able to network with some other businesses while we were there."

- Michelle, Take Care Package

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I almost lost my voice!

"Wow! This is the greatest Expo ever. What a spectacular show...we ran out of supplies."

- Gisela & Zally, Camille La Vie | Group USA

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Many new bookings for the coming year!

"ACS puts on an amazing show, delivered on their promise to market to the entire metropolitan area and welcomed hundreds of brides."

Maricela Bermudez, Decor Galore

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Best turnout I have seen.

"I want to let you know I work a lot of bridal shows with Men's Wearhouse and this has been the best turnout I have seen being a two day event."

- Tasha Sanchez, Men's Wearhouse

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It was the highest attended bridal show we've ever been to!

"There must have been a thousand brides at the show, with many of them interested in our company. We set lots of appointments and have a stack of leads to still work through."

Martin S. Rebello, Arthur Murray Dance Centers

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I am thrilled by the amount of people.

"With the majority of them being brides, I have already booked TWO large weddings and have been contacted by 6 brides. This is all before I've sent out any emails to my leads that I received on Sunday."

- Christine N. Glaser, Makeup Your Heart

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We had a wonderful time.

"We will absolutely be booking a lot of weddings from this."

- Josh Nilsson, SPIN-N-PLAY

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This is the best show of the year!

"Super show at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Met amazing people, tons of happy couples."

Weddings by Bellia

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We were excited to hear that over 1500 brides were registered before the doors even opened.

"The event allowed us to talk to hundreds of brides and grooms looking for honeymoon or girls get-away."

- Jennifer Breaux, Dream Vacations

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The exposure was unbelievable.

"This was our first time doing the ACS Illinois Bridal & Wedding Expo and probably one of our most profound experiences with doing trade shows."

- Shawn Kay, DoItAll Entertainment

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We will be here every year!

"Excellent venue, good attendance and well organized."

- Jeff Candee, Jos. A. Bank Clothiers

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We loved being a vendor!

"We couldn't believe how many brides attended the event. It was the most worthwhile show we have ever been to. We will definitely participate next year."

Scott Feierstein, Red Sweatshirt Photography

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Completely worth the investment.

"The ACS bridal shows are truly an exceptionally higher caliber than all of the rest. The quality of the leads, the length of time of the shows and the professionalism of the team's communication sets this show apart."


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Everything was very well organized and worked smoothly!

"Not only were there so many Brides there, but they were Brides that wanted to have meaningful conversations about their wedding invitations."

- Valerie Osiecki, I Do! Invitations and Announcements

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Great show with great brides.

"We are very happy with the leads we received from this show."

- Donnie Jones, Donnie Jones Photography

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"Longwood Travel signed up on the spot to do the show January 7th and 8th 2017 and we just got the list a few days ago with over 2000 names.  Just incredible, and as of this morning we have already booked 1 honeymoon and we are working on 6 others."

- Bruce Mandel, Longwood Travel

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Wow!! What a turnout.

"I want to thank you for an amazing show. We had such a great time Djing and entertaining the brides."

- Tony The Hitman, Infinity Sound Production, Dj's & Lighting

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Working with ACS has been incredible!

"The turn out for the event and marketing has been nothing short of amazing."

- Steven Gould, Goulds Travel & Goulds Events

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The marketing was AMAZING!

"What impressed us the most is how well you were able to advertise to the brides. I know from speaking with clients that everywhere they turned they saw another advertisement for your bridal show.   The marketing was AMAZING!!!"

Michael Sciortino, Paris Live Music

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We had terrific traffic to our booth.

"It was our first time exhibiting and we were rather late in the registration process, but it proved to be a wonderful way to introduce prospective couples to our venue. We had terrific traffic to our booth and were able to talk with solid leads."

- Nancy Beach, The Pierce House

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Well organized and well attended.

"Within hours following the bridal show we began to receive an overwhelming response from attendees looking to get more information and place orders with our company."

- Philly Photo Booth Company

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Amazing show!!

"I've done quite a few shows over the years and the traffic and client engagement at this show has been phenomenal."

- Kurt Sutton,

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The turnout was fantastic.

"The experience and turnout has been phenomenal! Vendors were even running out of samples."

- Bonnie Newman, Bonnie Newman Creative

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"Even with the horrible snow storm on the 6th we had 2 bookings at the show and I have had 7 phone calls just this week alone."

- Jim Fogarty, McGinn Bus Co

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We had huge success!

"As such, we have already signed up for next year's show.  See you there!"

- Diego Rodriguez, D's Flowers, Gifts and More

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What a great show!

"This was our second year participating and it's always the number one bridal show for us. Last year we booked many clients and we expect nothing less for this year."

- Alex and Sue, Studio Art & Photo

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We generated many promising leads.

"This was the first expo we've done in 5 years.  We decided to give it a go and I'm glad we did. We're in for next time, for sure."

- Joe Stephen, Standing Ovation DJ's

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Looking forward to next year!

"It was a great opportunity for our band to show what we have to offer to newly engaged couples at their weddings."

- The Emerald Empire Band

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Looking forward to many years of working together!

"I want to thank you for producing a successful show. We were reluctant to sign up given that you are a new show in the area, but having just finished the show I can tell you that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Kim Musial, Luminous Sounds

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We collected info from over 200 brides.

"The show was very well attended and organized. It was a fun show and the brides really enjoyed themselves."

- Robyn Lindsey, BluEgg Photography

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Great show!

"We had a wonderful event.  Lots of weddings booked!"

- Casey Gorman, Embassy Suites at USF

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Your shows are beautiful!

"I am booking weddings from last year's show. The brides are real. True, qualified brides. ACS promotes the show very well. I will be back every year!"

- Leo Oriolo, Leo Photographer

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Fantastic event for my company!

"From the minute the doors opened until the end of the day, the venue was packed with eager brides. I almost lost my voice speaking with so many engaged women."

Nicholas Mirabile, Encore Entertainment

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A huge surprise!

"The show is always a huge surprise! The brides are delivered as promised. Like no other show in New Jersey."

Angel Venorell, Absolute Celebrations

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Thank you for a great show!

"This by far has been one of the best shows we have done, and we really connected with many qualified brides and grooms. When we returned to our office, we already had 10 emails, and more continue to come in. Thank you for a great show and we will definitely see you again next year."

- Bill & Dawn DiOrio, Sound City Entertainment

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Had to bring in extra people to work the show!

"Wow, were we blown away by the response. The show was way busier than we expected. Not only did we run out of supplies, we had to bring in extra people to work the show on Sunday. We were busy from the minute the doors opened until the end of the show; amazing!"

Joe Rullo, Jos. A. Bank Clothiers

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Cost-effective way to promote!

"The Bridal & Wedding Expo is a high quality show with great attendance. We always feel confident investing in this bridal show, as it is a cost-effective way to promote and increase business. Your Bridal & Wedding Expo is one of the best!"

Shellie O'Rourke, George Street Photo

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We wrote $20,000 in contracts!

"I want to thank everyone from American Consumer Shows on behalf of my staff & myself, for hosting and promoting one of the most attended bridal shows my company has been involved with in the last 20 years."

- Eddie Bednar, Eddie B & Company

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Advertising was fantastic!

"Lots of traffic for me to promote my business."

- Creative Cakes and Special Dates

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Incredible job!

"In all of our years, we have yet to take part in a show as well-attended, with seriously interested registrants and attendees, as the ACS Expo 2016!"

- Jeff Mader, E.C.F. Entertainment

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Very positive experience.

"This isn't our first  bridal show and as far as these events go, this one was smooth and easy."

- Bear Cole, Wedding & Special Events Manager, Peaks Proevent Services

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Everything was really beyond our expectations.

"Since the expo we have been able to reach out to thousands of potential clients. We will for sure be there next year."

- Maegan, Glamtourage LLC

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The best bridal expo show!

"The show was very well organized overall, two days, (not one) of brides flowing in, which was awesome."

- George Salajean, Pro Art Photo-Video

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Great turnout.

"It definitely was the right decision for us at Phase4 Music to be a part of ACS' Illinois Bridal & Wedding Expo and we are looking forward to a repeat!!!"

- Maurice Spiccia, Phase4 Music

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Great show!

"This is the busiest show for us so far this season of 2017. The staff was so helpful with set-up too."

- Maddison Lee,

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Awesome event!

"This was our first Bridal & Wedding Expo and we loved every second of it."

- Amazing Lash Studio

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Pleasure to participate!

"The turnout was absolutely incredible! The number of hot leads was astounding. There were brides and grooms here ready to book. If you want to book bridal business, come to the ACS Bridal Expo."

Jeff Mashbitz, RhythMix Entertainment

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The Bridal & Wedding Expo was amazing!

"Bridal shows are very effective, especially because they allow you to capture leads quickly, contacting clients right away."

- Denise Savage, Eivan's Photography & Video

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Great value!

"Best Bridal Show in NJ! Solid attendance and great value."

Mikey B., POSH DJs

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Non-stop traffic from start to finish.

"This was one of the best bridal shows we have attended. We can't wait for our next bridal show with ACS."

- Bob and Beth Baker, Vacations By Beth

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We had a steady stream of brides and grooms.

"The Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo has been a great success for us."

- Kriss Kintner, Paradise Weddings & Travel

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Their advertising really worked well.

"Doing their first show in Tampa, they did an amazing job of attracting a large volume of brides.  Their advertising really worked well."

- Ron Sacino, Sacino's Formalwear & Men's Clothier

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I have signed up for next year already.

"The trade show was fantastic. Great traffic, tons of brides and grooms, and nice quality of people."

- Jennifer Gerardi, Life Steps Photo

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A great show!

"Great way to connect with brides and grooms in the Tucson market!"

- Joanna Allen, Assistant General Manager, Nick's Menswear

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Worth every penny!

"Great venue - Brides as far as the eye can see. Worth every penny."

The Pros Weddings

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The exposure I gained from this show was invaluable.

"While it will take several weeks to measure the full return on investment, I can say that I received approximately 150 warm leads from visits to my booth and handed out about 900 business cards."

- Alexis Alvarez, Lillian Rose Events

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There was a great turnout.

"Thank you for the opportunity to bring our limos into the show, people loved it."

- Dan Cosma, Chicago Cloud9 Limousine

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Can't wait to come back!

"We were shocked by the number of brides that kept coming through the door at the Bridal & Wedding Expo. Can't wait to come back next year!"

Vince Celenza, Second Vision

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Amazing leads!

"The Pennsylvania Bridal Expo was on fire! Amazing leads and an awesome atmosphere. Not to mention that there was impeccable organization. Everything was in place and everyone was so accommodating. This was a wonderful experience."

Simone Christian, Prestigious Petals

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I can't wait until the next show.

"The Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo was a great experience as a vendor. We were able to interact with some great, qualified brides and were even able to book a few on the spot."

- Jeff Clark, Classic Photographers

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We booked brides and secured contracts.

"We fully believe we will obtain a ton of bookings for this year as a result of our involvement with this expo."

- A Beauty Call

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Tremendous opportunity!

"The Bridal Expo was such a tremendous opportunity to connect with so many brides. We were overrun with potential clients. Truly worth the investment."

Laura Boyd, Own Your Sexy

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Well worth the investment!

"Beyond Awesome!  We've been doing bridal shows for 6 years and this show has been by far the most well attended, organized and accommodating. I was hesitant at first to do this show, but I am so thankful that I did. Well worth the investment! The most important advertising I did all year."

Andrew Bor, Rock It Entertainment

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Open, airy and fun!

"The quality of couples at this show was top notch!"

- George Street Photo & Video

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Fantastic show!

"Great traffic, well organized and easy move-in!  Got 63 leads on the first day."

- Bob Pierce, By The Sea Resorts

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Exceeded all my expectations!

"This show has been nothing short of amazing and has exceeded all expectations. I can't wait to see the growth and success as a result of this show."

Danielle Laws, Baronial Designs Photography LLC

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100% of my business comes from bridal shows.

"I was honestly blown away with not only the quantity of brides and grooms, but by the eagerness of the couples to talk, ask questions and to set up consultation or wanted to book."

- Joe Lasota, Honeymoon Travel & Destination Weddings

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Best attended and organized.

"We do over a dozen shows a year and this was by far the best attended and organized. ACS did a great job of communicating and organizing with the vendors. We look forward to many more successful shows with ACS in the future."

- Stewart Cublinsky,

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We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this show.

"The amount of brides was great, but we were most pleased with the quality of brides as well."

- This Is You by Mark & Tracy

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Fantastic event!

"The show was packed with brides we would have been unable to reach otherwise. The advertising and turnout were even more than expected. We would definitely be interested in exhibiting with American Consumer Shows again."

Joseph Messina, The Bucks Club

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Thumbs up!!!

"I think the event was very well thought out. Great flow of brides throughout the day."

- JL Veritas Photography

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The Bridal & Wedding Expo is one of the best shows I've been to in a long time.

"The flow of new brides was very steady and the level of interest in my service was in good proportion to the number of brides."

- Alicia Snow, The Event Factory

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What a great show, WOW!

"I've been doing bridal shows for years but I must say, this was one of the best ever."

- Concept One Photography

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I got to meet with so many brides and other amazing vendors.

"I had an amazing experience showing at the Tampa Bridal & Wedding Expo."

- Kristen Young, Kristen Lee Photography

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Sign me up for next year.

"I am so grateful you were persistent in getting me to do the Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo."

- Debbi Kay, Counting the Days Travel

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Our booth was so crowded!

"This show was a 100% success! This was my first show and the amount of brides that came through the show was insane! At times our booth was so crowded I had to stand outside of it."

Joe Dantone, Joe Dantone Photography

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The show was amazing.

"As a new business owner, this show brought a lot of exposure to my business and allowed me to reach a lot of people in one venue."

- Jennifer Okeh, OKEH Aesthetics

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There was a very diverse crowd here today, we loved it!

"The overall energy of the entire event was engaging, energetic, lively and fun."

- W. Sterling, Sterling Photography

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Great Show!

"Great job on all of your advertising and getting all the brides to attend the show. All in all, a great show and I hope to get many bookings out of it."

- Pauline Laureano, Travels by Pauline

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Tons of vendors and great foot traffic.

"So many brides were interested in how their groom could get pampered. The expo overall was a great success."

- Sarah, 1818 Fine Men's Salon

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Great opportunity!

"Exposure for your company - expect to secure at least 5-8 new bookings!"

- Steff, Lucky Devils Band

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We interacted with so many couples.

"We've done a number of bridal shows and the Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo exceeded our expectations."

- Regina Weir, Kaleidoscope Events

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Beautiful show with amazing feedback!

"We probably had between 50-100 people sign up to be called back for more info on the wedding officiant and weight loss meal program we have going on."

- Deborah Ann Sweezy, Owner, Love yourself thin Darlin' 

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Good, quality brides.

"Great bridal show with better turnout than I've witnessed from other shows. Good, quality brides and the show was promoted very well."

- Carol Gagliardi, Buca di Beppo

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This has been by far the most productive bridal show we've ever done in nine years.

"It has been great not only in leads but in actual sales too.  See you at the next show."

- Lind Voth, Snapshoot Photobooth

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A great turnout.

"The Albany Bridal & Wedding Expo was such a success! Definitely one of the top shows in the Capital Region."

- Taylor Arduini, Mohawk Golf Club

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This expo has allowed us to get hundreds of leads.

"We hope to be a part of the Bridal & Wedding Expo every year. Every inquiry was a serious inquiry."

- Robert Davis, Cocktails Express

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Classy, professional, and well-run.

"The North Carolina Bridal & Wedding Expo is an amazing event for those in the industry to market their services. As a bridal industry professional, you couldn't ask for a better platform to market. Just two short weeks after my first expo and I've booked over ten clients."

Bonnie Cunningham, Professional Travel Specialist, Unique Romance Travel & Destination Weddings

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We are so happy with the quantity of brides as well as the quality.

"With a staff and show like this, other shows in Chicago need to take notice. This show has raised the bar for all others in Chicagoland to a new level."

- Buddy & Tracy Mueller, T.B.M.

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The turnout far exceeded my expectations!

"My photography and videography company has exhibited at over 100 bridal shows for the past 8 years. The show I just did at the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington MA, put on by ACS, was the best one I have ever done."

- Vladi Gorchev, A Perfect Image

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We connected with a ton of brides.

"We connected with a ton of brides and are excited to see the results. We have already had some bookings and look forward to many more."

- The Celebration Crew

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The Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo was incredible!

"We have participated in other bridal shows in the past and can honestly say that we saw the most genuine brides that were truly interested in what we have to offer."

- Courtney T. Buchanan, fete & figs

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I ran out of business cards!

"Finally a wedding show that delivered 2,000 brides and many more guests! I ran out of business cards, I thought 1500 cards would be more than enough. Brides came from all over metro Boston, VT, NH and RI. Worth the price...already signed up for next year."

- Donald Chapelle, Brilliant Ice Sculpture

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Far exceeded our expectations!

"We have participated in a few Bridal Expos over the years but this one was one of the best and most successful!"

- The Hipshot Band

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Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this bridal show!!!

"It was a great, and I mean great experience.  The Bridal & Wedding Expo did a great job with marketing to potential brides."

- Ronald Michel, The Wedding Suite

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It was a great show.

"There was a big turnout and I believe it was a great success!"

- Isabel Ohshiro, Hyatt Regency Suites Atlanta NW

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We had so many people at our booth!

"I wanted to thank you for contacting me last year and convincing me to do the Bridal Expo. We had a great show this weekend. We had so many people at our booth that we were amazed. We were able to collect a very good number of leads really interested in our services."

- Gyna Herrera, I DO Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

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Such a wonderful show!

"On the first day alone, we booked many solid leads. The amount of couples that came through the door kept us solidly slammed for the majority of the show. Our booth seemed to be so popular with potential clients that we ran out of samples halfway through the show on Saturday."

Christina Shannon, Manufacturers' Golf & Country Club

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I have to eat my words!

"We were a little dubious in committing to this Bridal Show at Shriners Auditorium. We were told they were going to get 1400-1500 brides. I have to eat my words. They did a fantastic job getting the word out."

Bruce Mandel, Longwood Travel

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We will most certainly be back in 2018.

"Having never participated as a vendor in a bridal expo, we really didn't know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised with how wonderfully the show was put together."

- Erin Bobsin & Ashley Greenlund, Prairie Landing Golf Club

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The Bridal & Wedding Expo was very well put together.

"They also produced more leads than some of the other shows that we have taken part in."

- Tippa Horsley, Epic Events Catering

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- Kristy Firle, Fit Pro, GENTUX

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Thank you for a great show!

"I have to say, the Tampa Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo has far surpassed all of my expectations and it will be my number one source of viable leads from now on."

- Christian Shackton, Sea Shack Photography

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This was the best wedding show I've participated in.

"We wrote over 40 leads and signed a bunch of brides at the show."

- Events by Allyne

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Great show!!!

"Ray, Nicole and Patti were so helpful and we were very pleased with the turnout at the event."

- Jeremy Moss, FotoFavors Photo Station

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This was a great event!

"Spoke to quality brides! Will definitely be back again!"

- Barry Kusman, Master Injector, Facial Artistry & Aesthetics

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Amazing show!

"Well organized and friendly people. Great open environment."

- Outside The Booth

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We talked to hundreds of clients!

"The Bridal Expo was a BLAST!!! We talked to hundreds of clients during the 2 days of the show. I'm 100% sure that we will book many weddings and events from the show."

- Michael, Capture Photojournalists

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Great Expo!

"I had second thoughts initially, so many promises from others went unfulfilled. I'm so glad we came, expectations were exceeded and there were brides galore. Great Expo!"

- Henry Orth, Orth Photography

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Great venue and turnout.

"The traffic flow was steady and we had a great amount of time to speak with our clients. Great location!"

- Anastasia Jones, Men's Wearhouse

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Traffic was awesome!

"Great show! Traffic was awesome!!! Well worth the money and investment."

Tuesdi Kelly, Soiree etc.

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Fantastic show!

"Fantastic show! Great attendance and flow throughout."

Matthew Douglas, Matthew Douglas Photography

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Really great energy.

"Thanks for hosting David's Bridal at this fun event. Really great energy and loved meeting all the brides."

- Haley Walsh, David's Bridal

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Opportunity to help brides and grooms.

"We appreciated the great staff and the opportunity to help brides and grooms with their catering needs."

- Travis, Gotta Have It Catering

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I was very impressed!

"First thought to come to mind...WOW!"

- Vince Rotondi, Impulse Entertainment

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We were very happy with the crowd.

"We were part of the Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo the first year it came to Atlanta."

- Christine Hathaway, Prom USA Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique

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You guys are amazing!

"There is no way we could have prepared enough folders to give to everyone. We ran out after just a few hours on both days."

Susan Murtha, Lightwork Photography

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The Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo allowed for us to connect with brides.

"The Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo allowed for us to connect with brides, mothers and bridesmaids who relate to our BHLDN collection which offers unique gowns, dresses and accessories."


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Looking forward to next year.

"Our location was perfect.  Staff was friendly and helpful.  Always around in case of need. Attendance was good, we can only imagine how it will grow through the years."

- Erwin and Iwona Rybczynski, Interclub Academy of Dance

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Brides and grooms come to you.

"An exciting and high energy, two full day show of marketing our wedding and honeymoon destination."

- Nicole Dees Florida's Playground

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Lots of people.

"I think the show was good. Lots of people, lots of interest."

- Barbara H. VanSchoick, Bridal Rose Btq.

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A steady flow of couples.

"I was pleased with the way the show ran from start to finish. The weather on the first day was not good, but there was still a good attendance."

- Karen Ferry, Les Jardins / Talamore Country Club

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Fun and entertaining!

"Thank you for a great event with a great turn out!"

Samantha Shannon, ShutterBooth New England

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We enjoyed our experience at the Bridal & Wedding Expo.

"We met a variety of guests, brides, grooms, wedding parties and even friends!"

- The LipSense by SeneGence Team

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We are pleased with the number of brides.

"Very busy from 11am - 3pm. Great organization, very friendly and helpful staff."

- Boris and Sasha Spitchka, Fred Astaire Dance Studio

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The Florida Bridal & Wedding Expo was a wonderful experience.

"Very well organized and we are excited to attend future events."

- Anna Dunwody & Reece Corarito, Life Long Studios

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Great number of potential leads.

"We could not have asked for a better booth location."

- Lisa & Stacey, Crown Plaza Atlanta Midtown

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Great turnout today.

"We got a tremendous number of leads."

- David Carter, Shane's Rib Shack

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Wonderful people, nice atmosphere and fun!

"WOW...what a great show!"

- Ryan Leahy, SnapSuits

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Had a great time.

"Had a great time meeting lots of enthusiastic brides at the Bridal & Wedding Expo."

- Charles Cuthbert, Atlanta Learn To Dance

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Easiest shows to work with!

"This was our first time doing this show. I would have to say this was one of the easiest shows to work with. They kept their promise of brides coming into the show, ease of load in and set up."

Marielle Wolf, Lambertville Station

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I am looking forward to next year!

"What a great experience at the NJ/PA Bridal Expo. I had 30 solid leads and one deposit on the first day. Can't wait to see what day two brings."

Leslie Woodward, The Wedding Queen

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We were shocked beyond belief!

"This show delivered above and beyond our expectations. It couldn't be better."

- Rick Bertel, Sotheby's International Realty

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We found this expo to be very successful.

"The exposure that we received from this Bridal & Wedding Expo was very beneficial to our growing business."

- Trisha Lukacs, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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Traffic to my booth location was wonderful.

"Looking forward to seeing the amount of leads that will come through."

- Sonya, Dream Events by Sonya

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This expo gave us great exposure.

"The Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo helped grow our business with our catering market."

- Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q

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The show was great!

"It was so much fun. Lots of interest in our products, lots of brides and a good audience."

- Bionyx Skincare

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We can't wait to participate again next year.

"Dance Spa is proud to have been a featured vendor at this year's expo and is looking forward to working with the wonderful couples who attended."

- Christa South-Hamranova, Dance Spa

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Overall great experience.

"Got a lot of exposure for our business. Everything was easily accessible."

- Your Own Song

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A very successful show!

"The sheer number of brides that passed through and into my booth was truly astounding, both Saturday AND Sunday."

Michael Rose, Michael Rose Photography

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We will attend all of the shows from now on.

"Congratulations on a great show. See you guys again soon."

- Jonathan Mangiacapra,

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It has been a breeze working with American Consumer Shows.

"It has been a breeze working with American Consumer Shows for this Bridal & Wedding Expo.  The turnout for this event was very good and I can only imagine the increase year after year moving forward."

- Mark Mulford, DoubleTree Suites, Downers Grove

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I am so pleased!

"This experience was too amazing for words but all I can say is...Totally Worth The Money!!!"

Julie Drelick, Younique

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I really enjoyed being a vendor at the Illinois Bridal & Wedding Expo.

"Although I was extremely stressed when I arrived, the staff was very hospitable and helped me get situated which made me feel very comfortable and at ease."

- Sandra Horn, Rose Collection Exclusive Designs

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Wonderful to be a part of.

"There have been many couples, parents and parties that have shown interest, which provides great exposure.  We are definitely interested in coming back in 2018."

- Dan and Diana Griffin, Silly Snaps Photo Booth

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We got a lot of exposure.

"This was our first time exhibiting and we were very impressed with the organization."

- Ljerka Bilbija, Lanier Islands Weddings

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More leads than I expected!

"This was my first bridal show ever and the staff was very supportive and accommodating. I generated more leads than I expected and will surely be exhibiting next year."

- Joey Nicotera, Retonica Lighting & Decor

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Great show.

"Quality leads. We will be back."

- AA Discount Travel

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We will be back next year.

"The Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo connected us here at Loft at Castleberry Hill to potential brides and was a good show."

- Loft at Castleberry Hill Sales Team

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We will definitely be back.

"We were very pleased with the turnout for the show. The show organizers were very easy to work with."

- Vacation Resorts International

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"As a vendor, I am looking for quality brides and grooms.  ACS never disappoints."

- Darren DeFord, NCA Group

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We have received more interested contacts than any other show.

"We have benefitted greatly by participating in the Illinois Bridal & Wedding Expo!"

- Albert Shelton, Kuipers Family Farm

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Great show!!!

"Lots of attendees."

- Catherine, Celebrate Your Sexy Boudoir Photography

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"What an amazing show.  We loved all the beautiful brides and received so much help from show coordinators."

- Sweet Elegance Bridal

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Awesome show today.

"Awesome show today at the Bridal & Wedding Expo in Atlanta. I received quite a few real good leads."

- Marlowe Williams Cuadra, Just Because Romance Travel

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Very happy.

"We were very happy with the number of potential customers and turnout."

- Erin, The Rosery Flower Shop

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See you next year.

"Just fabulous from the start to the finish! Thank you for bringing this wonderful show to the Albany area."

- Douglas Koch, Douglas Koch Designs, Ltd.

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This show was a traffic success!

"With a consistent flow of people, I was busy enough to get personal with potential customers and make better connections with them, me and my product."

- Nicole Hampton, Hampton Design For Life

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Foot traffic was great!

"This was a fabulous event for us. The booth was well placed so the foot traffic was great! We actually even ran out of raffle forms and had to improvise. I highly recommend this event."

Heather Stephens, Stella & Dot

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The show was great!

"There was a healthy mix of brides getting married in a few months, to a few years. I filled my calendar and I'm excited to see my little business grow."

- Jessica Polzella, Makeup by Jessica Polzella

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Wonderful experience.

"I had a wonderful experience with lots of brides. Great response from the crowd."

- Yana Lapage, Saratoga Elegance

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Awesome turnout!

"Awesome turnout! Lots of quality vendors!! We booked over 20 appointments. I will definitely do this show next year."

- Susanne, Susanne's Weddings Floral Design

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So many brides!

"This is the first year we are participating in this show and we cannot wait for next year! Amazing organization, great location and so many brides! AWESOME!!!"

- Studio Art & Photo

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Can't wait for the next one!

"Thank you for a great show! During the entire process, from booking to break down, your staff's communication was impeccable."

- Chris Clemente, Clemente Officiant Services

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Show was AMAZING!!!

"Exciting and vibrant event! Loved interacting with all of the beautiful future brides."

- Evelyn Cowden, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

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Huge turnout!

"We had a huge turnout with well qualified brides. We booked more appointments than expected!"

- Scott Hoegel, The Mansion On Main Street

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We were very pleased by the outcome.

"We had a great time at the Albany Bridal & Wedding Expo.  We had many people come over to discuss South Africa."

- Denise Forbes, South Africa Sun, LLC

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My booth stayed busy until the end of the day!

"I had a fabulous first experience at the show. The number of brides far exceeded my expectations. My booth stayed busy until the end of the day. Next year I'll bring even more materials to give out."

Christina, Christina Ward Photography

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What a great event in Albany on Sunday!

"As a first time exhibitor, I had a great experience and was able to really expand my network and share my business with so many new potential customers."

- Naomi Richardson, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

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Fabulous show!!!

"Over 200 bookings so far. Great traffic flow and very interested consumers. Can't wait for next year!"

- Judy Oliver-Ellis, Pink Zebra, Main Street Gifts

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We had a lot of visitors.

"The Albany Bridal & Wedding Expo was great!"

- Roddy Bunch, Feechur Prez, LLC

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Attendance exceeded our expectations.

"We were able to speak to at least 300 brides in person and started our relationship with them there. The brides that we have been in touch with so far have been extremely receptive.  It's been a real boost to our businesses!"

- Susan Vitolo, Mary Kay Cosmetics

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The turnout and the brides were great.

"We had such a fantastic experience with the Illinois Bridal & Wedding Expo! This was our first show and we were very impressed with everything."

- Meredith Gantos, DDS

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We absolutely appreciated the opportunity.

"We absolutely appreciated the opportunity to meet hundreds of potential customers who could all benefit from what Pure Romance has to offer, while helping our families by expanding our business."

- Pure Romance

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Well organized!

"This show was fantastic and well organized. Very glad to be a part of it. Looking forward to doing it next year too."

- Group USA

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Thank you!!!

"It was such an honor to be able to connect with your brides, grooms and their support teams, especially during this wonderful time in their lives."

- Toni Rinehart, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

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Continuous flow of brides.

"I feel the expo was worth my time and effort. I look forward to the growth of my business through the contacts and exposure."

- Dr. Kim Norman, D.C., Yoli Consultant

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The turnout was great.

"Firstly, we were pleasantly surprised at how well organized the event was. Super easy to unload, centrally located among hotels and convenient."

- The LipSense by SeneGence Team

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The Georgia Bridal & Wedding Expo was very successful.

"We had a great time with the ACS show company. The whole process, from booking to loading in, was a breeze."

- Jay Tacy, TNT Fun Times Photo Booth Rentals

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We really enjoyed being in the Bridal & Wedding Expo.

"The couples were wonderful and they were amazed that a weight loss clinic was at a bridal show. Many people were happy we could help them get healthy."

- Andre K. Brooks, Valentine Weight Loss & Wellness Center

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I am very pleased with ACS.

"The process was very easy to become a vendor. From the moment the doors opened, until close, we were very busy with prospects."

- Lori Blasini, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

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We had a fabulous time.

"We had a fabulous time at the Bridal & Wedding Expo. It was great meeting all the brides to be and inviting them to Lips for a bachelorette party."

- The Lips Team

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The most leads we've ever generated!

"The PA Expo this weekend surpassed all of my expectations. By far, the most leads we've ever generated at a show. Well laid out floor plan and very organized."

Albert Anderson, Connected Entertainment

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The show overall was great!

"The large turnout of brides made the show a huge success. We look forward to attending this show again next year."

- Gabe Deutsch, Advantage Transit Group

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Can't wait to be in the next one.

"We would like to tell you thanks for your hospitality and for the great show you had. The crew was great and the brides were happy."

- Jonathan Mangiacapra,

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Load in was a breeze!

"ACS did a great job marketing. We heard commercials on multiple radio stations at least once an hour. The foot traffic is 100% worth the booth fee. We are very happy with attendance and will definitely be back!"

Pure Romance

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Great turnout!

"GREAT SHOW! Very organized and lots of brides. Great turnout, will definitely be back next year. Thanks guys for an excellent show. I will definitely recommend your show to other exhibitors."

Ken LaViscount, Century Living International - Bridal Registry

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